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The Weekend Edition (My Dad's Birthday Edition!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Week one of barcotting is through, and it was a roaring success! I had a great and (mostly) healthy weekend with the exception of some particularly appetizing looking samples at Sam's Club (warehouse shopping's deep, dark side). Not only that, but I had a wonderful weekend with friends and family alike. Why can't every weekend be like that?

Oh wait! It can!

So what went down?
  • Group Centergy with Cate, Steph, Olivia, JT and Gen
  • Dinner at Bear Tooth with Cate, Darren, Eric and Gen
  • Joanne returns! Coffee with her making up for lost time
  • Breakfast burritos at Middle Way with Cate, Darren, Eric and Gen
  • Christmas shopping - kill me
  • My Dad's hellaciously awesome 61st birthday party!
  • Getting a lot of writing done at Kaladi Brothers
  • Ballin' with Colver (the Sunday tradition when I'm not waking up at 3 pm)
  • Restful evening of movie watching and more writing
The highlight of the weekend was without a doubt my Dad's birthday party. This party is a grand mess, with my family and a ton of family friends (including the illustrious Charbonneau's and Colver, Lorna and my Facebook wife Joanne) getting together to celebrate my Dad's big day. It led to tons of shots, Wii Fit-ing, political debates, Joanne and I dancing to Yo La Tengo's "Periodically Double or Triple", and all kinds of other great things. It also resulted in the revelation of my birthday present for my Dad and my Christmas present for my friends - snuggies! Yeah!

All in all, another great weekend. Why can't there be awesome birthday parties every weekend? Either way, Happy Birthday Dad!


MOM said...

Yes, it was a Happy birthday!

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