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Multiversity Comics Update

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For my every so often update about my comic blog Multiversity Comics, I only have a few updates. The first would have to be that I received my first collection of loot from a comic publisher (as you can see above), as I received a box today from Archaia Press. In it were four graphic novels (including the massively acclaimed collection titled The Killer) and a bunch of different comics. Lots of reading to do, as provided by the exceptionally cool folks over at Archaia, so thanks a lot for the opportunity to review your work.

Also, over the next two weeks we are going over the past decade in comics, discussing eleven different categories culminating in next Friday's Best Ongoing Series list. There will be plenty of surprises, as this is a list comprised of my votes along with the other three writers there. This was my brainchild unsurprisingly given my obsessive listing, but if you like comics or are looking to get into them, I highly recommend you check it out. There will be a lot of great ideas for you there.

The last update is we officially have business cards! These are necessary to get our press passes at comic conventions, so it's nice to finally have those. Thanks so much to Jason Burdette for designing them. They're simple, elegant, and they fit us. I'm guessing if he was here Patrick Bateman would approve, most assuredly.


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