A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, December 7, 2009
Man...this was a weird weekend. Not weird in any events that happened, as much as it is weird in how murdered my Sunday was by Colver's hellacious birthday celebration. Alas, what are you going to do. Here's what happened:
  • NBA Friday at Colver's place (I'm pretty sure they need to play the Blazers every week, nothing is funnier than the Oden/Pryzbilla combination)
  • Bowling at Jewel Lake Bowl with Colver, Lorna, Eric, Darren and Cate
  • Breakfast Burritos and Ludacris at Middle Way Cafe with Cate
  • Working a GCI event (which is actually really fun for me, I like talking)
  • Working out with Cate and Eric (and by working out I mean running a mile and And1 Mixtaping with Eric)
  • Catching up on Curb Your Enthusiasm (great season)
  • Colver's birthday celebration
  • Being awake for 6 incredibly tiring hours on Sunday
Saturday's celebration with Colver and Lorna turned into an extended hangout with Nick and Ryan Atkins and their respective girlfriends. It was a great time, but mother of god, I was destroyed. This leads me to a big point: I am now officially barcotting. No more bars for me for the rest of the year unless it is for some sort of event (i.e. Humpy's Pub Quiz) or for a more relaxing evening at somewhere like Crush.

I've realized recently that I far prefer going to someone's place and drinking casually while simply talking. As attractive getting annihilated really is, it is nice to keep the spending down and actually be able to function the next day. So we're going to take that off for a while. As Amy Steele would likely say, I'm an all or nothing guy. It's going to be more of the nothing for the next little while. That sounds like all I could hope for.


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