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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today marked the watching of one of the single greatest sporting events I've ever watched.

My alma mater, THE University of Idaho defeated Bowling Green in unbelievably exciting fashion in the Humanitarian Bowl today 43-42.

The same University of Idaho that had sub .500 seasons every year I went there.

The same University of Idaho that inspired my friend Sam to mentally prepare himself to never see a Vandals winning season in his lifetime.

We won a bowl game in our first attempt in over a decade, and we did so in true cardiac arrest fashion, giving up the go ahead touchdown with 32 seconds left and then scoring the potential tying TD with four seconds left. I say potential because our coach, Robb Akey, the man who inspired comparisons to the fusion of The Marlboro Man and a professional wrestler (WWE style), went for two and the win instead of one and the tie. A gutsy call and one that worked in completely thrilling fashion.

When Akey came onto the field in the second half he announced to audiences that were watching that they should keep wathching because they "were going to love this." 57 points and innumerable exciting plays later, the Humanitarian Bowl championship was in our hands and a bright future for the Vandals was in sight, and we certainly were loving it.

All thanks to Ric Flair, The Marlboro Man, AKA Robb Akey.


Troy Olson said...

And here I thought the only time Idaho would ever be good at football was when I played career mode with them in NCAA on my Xbox! Congrats on the big win. Hope the headache from watching that damn blue turf subsides :)

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