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Color Wars 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not to steal this entirely from Boing Boing (even though that is exactly what I'm doing - click the link for the evidence), but I discovered a site called Color Wars 2008 today. From what I've gathered, it's a Twitter based website where people align themselves with various teams that gather together in Twitter groups, and those groups participate in challenges, like an online summer camp (the site's tagline is even "it's just like summer camp"). What kind of challenges? Well, so far they include:

and most importantly, the primary reason for this post (besides the inherent awesomeness to Color Wars): YoungMeNowMe.

So what is YoungMeNowMe? Strangely enough, it was something akin to a post I had planned for my site, except mine was less based off replication and more based off of "this is what I looked like through the years." YoungMeNowMe is a contest in which people submit pictures of themselves from when they were young, and the winner is the person who most successfully recreates the image with their current self in it instead. What does that look like? See below...(although definitely check out the site, as the resolution wacks out to fit in blogger)

59rju6 6mjzvx

I think this is an incredible recreation, and pretty much the funniest thing ever. User RMCW from Twitter created it (name is Rob McWhinney - let me know if I should take down the image!) but I think he did a heck of a job and I'm pulling for him to win. Want to see more? Go here to check more out.

So I'm looking to get some old pictures this weekend so I can try my hand, but I doubt I can do anything nearly as successful. I just think it's a great idea, and sounds like a blast of a website to frequent. Upcoming challenges they have include a Google Street View Scavenger Hunt (Hilarious!), more bingo, and most importantly, a Smack Talk Haiku competition (don't pretend you aren't interested Amy). As a person who loves haiku's, I cannot wait for that one. It's an inspired idea, and I want it now!

No less, looking for somewhere fun on the web that's new to you? Check out Color Wars. It's a blast.


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