A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, April 28, 2008

To wrap up my ode to Alaska that has taken place over the past few posts...thanks Alaska. Thanks a lot. I'm not going to say you ruined my weekend, but I am going to say you significantly altered my weekend. It was still a good weekend, but one that was hampered greatly by 17 inches of snow being dumped upon the greater Anchorage area and quickly followed by the rapid melting of said 17 inches.

For those wondering what exactly that is like, it is not good. It makes driving interesting and even though I get bored bored while driving, I'm definitely not looking for this kind of excitement. However, I'm not one to let Mother Nature bring my chi down, regardless of how evil she is being. Oh no, no I am not. Here's your weekend edition.
  • Deciding on a Foosball Table (for the most part)
  • Getting my camera (Booyah! See above post)
  • Finally catching Lost (explosions, and Benjamin Linus, and smoke monsters! oh my!)
  • Going out to Koots with Amy, Chris Sharpe, and Nick
  • Dancing like an idiot and getting owned at Foosball
  • Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay
  • Bad Movie Night
  • Snow City with Brian
  • Bstar ruling...ho hum
  • Finishing Season One of How I Met Your Mother (more on this later)
  • Suite 100 with my parents
  • Rocking out with Amy
So it was a good weekend, but one that was forced to take place almost entirely inside when it was originally planned to feature the Heart Run and a hike at a nearby mountain. Oh yeah, and it was also planned to have nice weather. Thanks for ruining plans Alaska!

Anyways, what am I going to elaborate on this week?

Well, this weekend's highlight had to be the bad movie night. Although less good than previous successes (but really, what night can top two times ago - Sleepaway Camp AND Surf School? Nothing. That is the only answer) it was still a fairly successful one. Really, the keys to any bad movie night are fairly simple:
  • Good mix of people
  • Alcohol (or sugar/caffeine if underage)
  • Movies must try to be good - cannot try to be bad
  • Must include one Uwe Boll movie
  • Must mix genres (although horror movies from the 80's are seemingly always good picks)
We had a strong mix, with Colver, Lorna, Amy, Brian, and myself being involved (stalwart Kim is off in the Carribbean having the time of her life - damn her!), plenty of drinks, we had Dungeon Siege to cover our Uwe Boll base (you haven't seen someone phone it in until you've seen Ray Liotta phone it in), and we had a fine mix of genres that all thought they were great (Dungeon Siege, Ski School 2, Bounty Huntress, and I Know Who Killed Me). On top of that, we had the unnecessary but wholly welcome addition of a Manhattan Pizza (amazing pizza).

It was a great time, however we made two huge mistakes - we started with Dungeon Siege which was over two hours long (total rookie mistake) and we Lorna somehow managed to pick a Skinemax movie for the third consecutive bad movie night (we knew it, but we thought we could make it work...again). They definitely brought the night down a bit, but we made it work great anyways. It was a great time like always, and any night I get to spend with my great friends is always one well worth spending. Especially when we're impersonating episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is always great.


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