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Incommunicado, aka the Great Phone Fiasco of 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Friday night was definitely one of the stranger nights of recent memory. After sweet, sweet Battlestar, I went out on the town with Colver, Lorna, Kim, and Nick, and proceeded to have a rather...interesting experience at local bar Platinum Jaxx (after drinks at the Anchor and the Pioneer, plus Foosball at the Avenue). I met two very lovely girls from Fairbanks who managed to keep my phone as a souveneir to remember me by at the end of the night. Great for them, not so great for me.

To top that off, I walked home because I was definitely not in any state to be driving home (sorry Colver, I know you think it's insane that I don't call a cab, but hey, I don't live that far from downtown) so when I woke in the morning I was left with no car, no phone, and really no form of communication. I know this doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but no one is up early at all on Saturday mornings, so with my only method of communicating being net based at that point I was pretty much screwed. That is, until I came up with the brilliant plan of getting my neighbors to drive me to my car. Good idea me!

No less, what followed was a three hour fiasco trying to get my phone back from the deadly duo from Fairbanks. I figured it'd be easy enough, call or text my own phone (Kim had loaned me her phone), say I need it back, presto change-o phone back in my hands. Apparently I drastically underestimated the difficulty of getting a phone back from people who were essentially strangers, as after a series of text messages, the communication lines went silent. Having given up, I took a nap to recharge for a second salvo of texts/calls.

30 minutes later, I awoke to Kim's phone ringing. It's good friend Amy, and thinking I was safe to answer (even though it wasn't my phone) I went ahead and did that. I'm glad I did, because what apparently occurred is instead of simply giving my phone back to me, these girls went through my phone book, called my friend Jason (they were afraid I had a girlfriend, aren't they nice?) and dropped it off to him in Eagle River on their way back to Fairbanks. Thank god they didn't go home with it. Amy was of course calling for two reasons in particular: a) to laugh hysterically at my misfortune, b) to announce that she'd be returning my phone to me after she picked it up from Jason.

Pretty ridiculous situation if you ask me.

So Amy shows up with my precious phone, except now it has a new wallpaper. The two Fairbanksians (no idea if that's right, but I'm sticking to it) had taken a picture of themselves and set it as my wallpaper. I'd share the pic (pictures actually, I have about 15 pics from their adventure) but I suck at getting pictures off phones sadly. Word to the wise though, if you ever are out and about and get the crazy idea to allow two girls to leave with your phone, don't. It is in fact a crazy idea, and you will regret it greatly later on. I got very lucky, and am left with only the funny story to tell. No less, it is not a good idea and I definitely do not recommend it to anyone.


Raechelle said...

I swear this would only happen to you. Good story, though.

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