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Monday, April 28, 2008
Me: Before and After

So last week I made a decision. After a while of my hair garnering me looks and the occasional "go back to your shanty, hobo" comments from my coworkers, I had to get a haircut. It was likely long past time, but for some reason I was convinced I looked good with the shag. Professionally though, it was time to take a step in the cleaner cut direction. Additionally, it may have looked good (and made me look super young I've heard) but long/thick hair is REALLY hot. When I run at the gym now, I feel much lighter and I get so much less tired! It kind of boggles my mind to a degree.

So far responses range almost entirely in the positive, with my super hot daily barista being the most effusive with her praise (she loves me...no big deal) but most everyone else being supportive as well. Strangely the first person at the office to see me asked me why I looked like a bum, which confused me greatly. I thought that was exactly what I just got away from?! Oh well. No less, it was about time and it feels great, and I look pretty dapper if I do say so myself.


Patty said...

You look like a businessman;which is good considering your job.

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