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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today while leaving the gym, the front desk guys all said have a good night. Pretty standard stuff, they always do (I'm pretty sure they're obligated). For some reason though, my response was to raise my hand to a 45 degree angle and make a peace sign, followed up with "you too."

A peace sign.

Who am I?

I've found myself doing that a number of times recently, sheerly out of some weird instinct buried deep within my subconscious. Besides the peace signing that I seemingly cannot stop doing, I've also inserted rad into my slang term lexicon (but it's cool, 'cause I'm bringing it back), find myself naturally using "sup g" as a greeting within the office, and occasionally state "lawl" instead of actually laughing.

Instictually, I am an amalgam of "hip" terms and phrases over the past 40 years, yet I have no idea why. For the most part, it makes me sound like a goofball and/or look like a weirdo.

I mean, seriously, who still throws down peace signs? I don't get me.


Patty said...

Obviously you. SNAP.

Erik said...

Did your mom just say snap? Are we in an alternate universe? Your mom is too hip for her own good!

David Harper said...

I know. I was a little shell shocked by it myself. I really don't know what just happened. It was maybe the most surprising comment I've ever received, besides the guy from Portugal who signed the comment with "hugs" instead of sincerely or regards or something typical.

Bobbie said...

Way to Go, Mom!

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