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Foosball Table!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This was another April Fools joke, a dumb one to remind readers that my previous post was highly like to be an April Fools joke as well. Seriously, who would buy a 22 person Foosball table? It's not in the vicinity of practical, and frankly, it'd be pretty stupid. I have to admit though, I thought about the rules a bit and decided that I think if the goalie scored the game would immediately be over. That would be pretty incredible. Regardless, Happy April Fools Day!

So I finally got my table. I spent all morning trying to find a table because I had nothing else to do, and I picked up this table off Craig's List. Sure it was $500, but I can have 22 people play on it at one time! Seems like a perfect fit...well, for anything besides my apartment. I may have to move to make it fit.


Patty said...

That's quite a foosball table.

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