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Thursday, April 10, 2008

To provide recognition to GCI employees who, through personal initiative, have made a significant contribution to the Company which significantly exceeds the scope of their Job Description and deserves recognition.
That quote is from my company's VIP policy and procedure. Why am I posting it here? Because today I found out I am going to become the second person in my department to ever earn a VIP (Very Impressive Performer) Award. Booyah!

Specifically, I earned it by developing (along with my partner-in-crime and fellow VIP Toni) a workaround on Motorola Z6 ROKR cellular phones that made them fully functional and able to sell, and then organizing teams to manually program the phones with myself (and Toni). The arrival of the ROKR handset led to a 60% boost in cellular sales, so you could say that the two of us were responsible for a 60% increase in our sales. Ahhhhhh yeah!

Toni and myself will be celebrated (along with the other VIP's within the company) at a banquet on April 29th, where we'll be lauded by others within the company and served a ridiculously delicious dinner from the Crow's Nest in the Captain Cook hotel. I'll be awarded such illustrious prizes as a clock with my named engraved on it and a $100 stock option (big money!). All sarcasm aside, it's a heck of an honor, and I'm really proud of the fact that people within my company think I'm doing a good job.

Now for those that went to college and/or high school with me, I have six words for you: how do you like them apples? I always said I was a "potential" guy, a perennial sleeper looking for the right situation. Well apparently the application of my skillset is finally starting to match my potential.

Not to be immodest or anything, because everyone knows I'd never do something of that sort.


Patty said...

You've always been A VIP in our heart.

Amy said...

Don't leave us little people behind.

David Harper said...

It's a clock and a small stock option, it's not like I'm being awarded the key to the city or something! Yet.

Erok said...

Uh if you ask me you should be getting a huge effing bonus is you increased the sales of something by %60. Way to go man thats awesome.

Katie said...

I'm glad to see you've finally "gotten your life together", hehe :) Or whatever that random person said

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