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MxPx and Poison the Well co-headlining Summer Meltdown 4?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've never been to the Summer Meltdown concert in Anchorage. Its fourth iteration is going down this summer, July 19th, and apparently they're going to announce the national headliners May 2nd at the 36 Crazy Fists show. Considering I'm not a huge fan of all that business, I shouldn't care.

However, when doing my daily perusing of Pollstar to see if any shows were coming here, I noticed that MxPx, a band that was partially responsible for me becoming so obsessed into music, was playing here. Then I checked their website and according to it they are playing Summer Meltdown with Poison the Well, a metal band that isn't my cup of tea musically but man, they really rock live. I saw them open for AFI once and they were rather...intense. But fun! No less, don't feel like paying $35 bucks to find out who is headlining Summer Meltdown? You heard it here first. Should be another cool show for Anchorage this summer, but $35? Not sure about that at all.


Patty said...

I'll pass and go see Wilco.

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