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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comics vs. Patriots - who wins?

So recently, I've come into another quandary. I've been debating whether or not I was going to go to the Emerald City Comic Con for a good while, but I had officially decided that I was. Of course, then the tickets went up a bit to fly down, time kept running by, and I kept discovering scary details. These included:
  • Brian Michael Bendis ditching
  • Discovering that media guests charged money for autographs (lame)
  • Discovering that media guests charged $30 to take a picture with them (not right!)
All three of those sucked, but were not deal breakers. Still planning on going, as the media guests were going to be weird to meet anyways. I was mainly there to meet my favorite comic creators - Bryan Lee O'Malley! Pia Guerra! Bill Willingham! Robert Kirkman! Eric Powell! - but something came up that made it so I simply can't go.

There may be one thing I love more than everything else (even more than Battlestar Galactica - also family and friends are exempted, people are on a higher plane than objects) and that is the New England Patriots. My very good friend Erik texted me the day that NFL schedules came out to tell me that that the Seattle Seahawks were hosting the Patriots December 7th in Seattle. This put me in a very tough place.

I cannot have two random, weekend only trips to Seattle in one year - it's just not economically viable and frankly, it's a little crazy. So I had to make a choice, and sorry comics, I love the Patriots best (sadly taking a line from a comic on that last part). So assuming that I actually manage to snag a ticket as the Seahawks are a rather hot item in Seattle, I will be attending the New England Patriots at the Seattle Seahawks December 7th, covered head to toe in Pats gear. Patriots stocking cap, Wes Welker jersey, Pats gloves/socks/scarf - everything. I will be prepped and ready, and the 12th man can eat it.

In summation, go Patriots! Never been to an NFL game and I can't think of a better one to start with.


Patty said...

You will enjoy!

Tyler-the-Wise said...

Way to make plans on my birthday. You seem to miss it alot!

Erok said...

I'll be right next to you in my Tatupu jersey swearing that I don't know you. I'll keep my eyes peeled for when tix go on sale and we can scoop up some good seats.

David Harper said...

You'd better man! We need to stay on that because I want to go so bad. God this is going to be the best thing ever!

Sorry Tyler!

Tyler-the-Wise said...

Yeah. Just call me at the game, like you did with the MCR concert. That will suffice.. Kind of.

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