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Most Precious Story Ever

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rex the Wonder Dog and Rex Jr.

Before I start, I want to preface with this - it is perfectly ok for a guy to say precious. It's a great word, and a perfect indicator in some situations. Other situations it's the best option for a blast of sarcasm, for example, let's say someone is wearing something ridiculous looking or their hair looks particularly youthful and you drop this nugget: "Ohhhh...isn't that precious?" and then rub their head or something of that sort. They'll feel massively belittled and you will feel spectacular. Feel free to use that little guy. Regardless, precious is exactly the word to describe this story.

As stolen from both superblog Dooce and from Daily Mail, recently in Torquay, Victoria, Australia an incredible pairing took place. After walking past a recently killed Kangaroo earlier with his owner, a Pointer named Rex went back to investigate. A little bit later, he walked back to his owner who was doing yard work with a surprise: a baby Kangaroo (aka joey) in his mouth. Rex walked up and dropped the joey directly in front of her, as he had noticed the joey when no one else had and had went back to rescue it, all without even remotely harming the animal. Even more amazing than not harming it, the joey didn't even get excited in the strange animal's presence and even befriended Rex.

The two animals were so close that the nearby Wildlife Sanctuary that took the joey in named him Rex Jr. after his savior and short-time companion.

I'm always a bit amazed when such incredible things happen. Without this dog, the joey would have died and that would have been that. It wouldn't have affected me at all in any way more than likely, but that's a life saved because Rex was a caring creature that was raised well. What does this story teach us? Two things: Dogs rule (sub-point point: I want one), and joey's are cute as hell. Seriously. Look at that thing up there. Doesn't that picture make you want to say "ohhh...isn't that precious?" But you know...in a good way? I know it makes me want to.


sheri said...

I saw this story too.. really is a nice feel good one. Although aside from being cute, joeys also kinda look like aliens.

David Harper said...

You know, they really do sort of look like aliens, but in a "aren't they really cute" alien type of way. If that's possible.

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