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An Open Letter to Alaska

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Driveway - 6:54 AM this morning

Dear Alaska,

You're hilarious.

Happy? Are you happy that your joke is considered funny by one of your residents? I bet you're having a good laugh about the fact you teased us for a couple weeks with the 45+ degree weather and the seemingly early melting of the snow, and then dropped a ton of snow on us twice in three days. I bet you think it was hilarious.

Well, it's not.

Look at a frickin' calendar Alaska! What does it say? April. APRIL! Unless this is a really belated April Fool's Day joke, I am not pleased with you. So here's my bit of advice to you. Lock it up. Five inches of snow is not OK with me. People driving five miles per hour EVERY WHERE is also not OK with me. You need to lock it up, and remember what season you are in...April is part of Spring. Spring. Not Winter.

Consider yourself on notice Alaska.

That is all.


David Harper


Bobbie said...

I love you David! I am a firm believer that the more people talk about "Spring" and "Break-up" the more Mother Nature is inclined to throw a whammy!! Maybe Anchorage jinxed itself?
Happy Spring.

Patty said...

You got that right.

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