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Black Sunday

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tom Brady being helped off the field by trainers

Today was supposed to be a glorious day. First full day of the NFL season, my favorite of times, and my team the New England Patriots were kicking off the season with a layup of a game against one of the worst teams in the NFL - the Kansas City Chiefs.

All of that changed on one play, as beloved hero and team leader Tom Brady went down with an as yet undetermined knee injury. He ended up walking off with help after a few minutes, but the buzz is saying it's likely an ACL tear and that Brady will be done for the season. Even with the running game looking great and Matt Cassel playing efficiently, the Pats barely beat the Chiefs. Patriots Nation awaits the news from the MRI tomorrow dreading what it could bring. Odds are he's going to miss games one way or the other, I'm just hoping it isn't a season long injury or, god forbid, career ending.

Obviously the latter is very unlikely, but you never know with these types of things.

Just an absolutely terrible day for Pats fans around the nation, and it's never been far from my mind all day. I still think we're a playoff team without him, but the thought of starting Cassel, Chris Simms, Tim Rattay, or whoever they coerce to come over for a tryout (Daunte Culpepper?) instead of number twelve is just a thought I really can't even stand to think about. If any team can recover from that, it's the Pats. I just don't want to be forced into doing that.

Be okay Tom!


Erik said...

Yeah my team didn't do quite so well either. My fantasy team on the other hand........westbrook and turner ftw.

Patty said...

Believe in the team, it takes more than one person to succeed.

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