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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome's sweet, sweet logo

Google unveiled their new web browser today (Google Chrome is the name) in another move to slowly but surely take over the entire internet. They're going for a simplified and streamlined look and feel that will speed up processes and make the 'net a more enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. It's sort of like taking a Dodge Neon and then putting a Dodge Viper's engine in it.

I'm currently writing this post from that browser while also checking my email, browsing ESPN, and updating Facebook. All applications and super fast and I love the clean look to it. As you may be able to tell from my blog, I like the clean look. It's also very conducive to my widescreen monitor, so visually speaking and in terms of speeds, I'm very impressed so far.

However, it's not all roses. It isn't the most intuitive browser ever. It's become so ingrained in my entire person to look for favorites or bookmarks or anything in the browser to take me the websites I most enjoy. Now, with Google Chrome, you use one box to do everything in. Want to search for something in Google? Type in the box. Know the exact address? Type in the box. Want to go through bookmarks? Type in the box. It's very simple and likely will work well soon enough, but as of right now I'm not loving that aspect. It also has a tendency to get a bit splotchy when I browse through a vertically long page quickly, but it's early and that is something that will likely be resolved as there are updates.

No less, it's another positive move into the open source world Google is trying to create. I'm just looking forward to the Android at this point, although god only knows when that is coming out. I'm sure that will rock the house like pretty much everything else they release and their stock price will escalate to new unfathomable heights. You have to wonder when this company is going to reach their ceiling, but there really is no indicators as to that being any time soon.

Also, the Google team was cool enough to make a comic about why Chrome is better than other browsers. Check it out here.


Erik said...

No java support, no thanks. Firefox is still king.
Does GCI have the channel current tv? If not get it asap it is the best channel ever. This video is from it and I thought I should share it with you because it is about fantasy football. Watch and laugh:


Erik said...

That post came out really messy, sorry.

Erik said...

Snap! JAva plugin available now! Impressed, but I don't like google completely taking over the world, so I'll pass for now.

David Harper said...

We don't have that channel, but good god it seems ridiculous. Pretty funny, but very strange. I'll have to make it seem like we've had thousands of requests for it so we can get it.

Btw, I'm starting to agree with you about this browser. I'm not in love with it. It's definitely a bit dodgy right now.

Btw, after watching that video, I'm really, really glad this isn't a freaking video blog. Is it possible to not seem stupid if I had a video blog? At all?

Erik said...

It basically seems to be the perfect channel for surfing. Every segment they show is only about 3-5 minutes long and has a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. The content is unbelievably interesting. It makes for a good channel to surf to during commercial breaks or even on its own.

sheri said...

Chrome also doesn't have adblock. Boo.

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