A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, September 29, 2008

Another weekend down, and another great one in the books. This one was definitely spotlighted by big events on all three days of the weekend, and it was a great second to last weekend to my very good friend Kim. She moves next Monday to Portland but we're throwing a party for her next weekend and it's going to be legendary. No less, this weekend was great too (but perhaps not legendary). What'd I do?

  • Debate party! (Amy, Colver, Lorna, Jason, Hannah, and Jesse came over to watch McCain/Obama duke it out and eat Moose's Tooth pizza and drink their tasty brew as well)
  • Coffee with sister and niece (delicious and fun)
  • Taking my niece Emily off my sister's hands for 2.5 hours while she saw a movie (which was actually really fun - put my niece into slave labor bagging and boarding comics, had Benny's, watched the Spiderwick Chronicles)
  • Frisbee Golf for probably the last time for a while (I will miss you!)
  • Dinner out at Hannah's sister Kim's place
  • Drinks at the Avenue with Amy (weird night, but fun!)
  • Football Sunday (Amy made biscuits and gravy + orange chicken for Jason, Colver, and I!)
  • Sleeping ELEVEN HOURS on Sunday night

So yeah, this one was packed of great events, plus I somehow managed to fall asleep at 8:30 PM and not get up until 6:45 AM (with a bit of a wakeful period to transition to my bed) which was both very needed and ridiculously awesome. I was crazy tired, and it made me feel amazing.

The highlight of the weekend (which was full of them) was the dinner out at Hannah's sister's place. Josh and Kim were incredibly gracious hosts, making a delicious dinner with chicken and beef skewers with peanut sauce, a tasty salad, rice, amazing brownies and cookies, and a hummus/oil appetizer. Plus, they were incredibly cool, as Kim was really funny and Josh and I could go on and on about music for hours. Plus we all had a political conversation that was entertaining and covered all sides of the discussion without getting heated.

Definitely not a normal night for me, but it was awesome no less. Even if it was in the mythical land of "Palmer."

Also a highlight amidst the nights was the mid debate discussion amongst everyone there about how shocking it was that Lorna had never seen Star Wars. It was eerily reminiscent of the premiere of How I Met Your Mother and was incredibly entertaining, veering wildly off topic and somehow going full circle to bring us back to 30 more minutes of incredible dryness from McCain and "John...John...now that's simply not true"'s from Obama. Possibly the funniest section of an extremely entertaining debate experience.


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