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David Harper vol. 4: Gets It Together

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yeah yeah!

So every once in a while I go to something or experience something that makes me want to get my business in order. Most of the time it's an unnecessary need, but recently I've fallen in to a number of bad habits. For example, I'm eating much more and worse food than I did when I graduated from college, working out far less (those two facts combining to a hefty weight gain), letting my place be a mess all the time and not caring, staying at my place too much, getting back in my bubble (aka not leaving my little area in Anchorage), and really kind of becoming boring.

My head has been kind of muddled for the last while, and I'd gotten used to blaming other things, but I think I just need to refocus myself. So that's what I'm doing, starting with a massive cleaning of my place last night and working on readjusting my diet. We'll see how those two steps work and then I'll work on other things once those are completed.

Also, the things that motivated me all came on my vacation, where I got to see how my friends are doing down in Portland and where I got to find out that my pant measurements from July didn't fit my tux anymore. Stupid massive weight fluctuation. No less, that leads in to the fact you should expect to see a blog post tonight about Erik and Katie's wedding. It was glorious. There are many pictures to prove it, and you shall see them all later.


Katherine said...

Go David! You did it once, you can do it again. And we love you no matter what anyway, but at the end of the day its all about you :)

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