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McCain/Palin Rally in Anchorage

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin and the First Dude (Todd Palin) signing autographs

With Sarah Palin being nominated for Vice President, she went from just the Governor of that giant state to the north to being the most famous person ever to come from Alaska. Quite often when posed with such an escalation in fame in such a short amount of time, people have a tendency to lose touch with who they are, what they stand for, and where they're from. Sarah Palin, as she proved Saturday morning at the Denai'na Civic and Convention Center, lives in direct opposition of that thought.

Sarah Palin speaking to her people

To a crowd that was a bit smaller than I'd imagined it would be (estimated number was around 1,500), Palin gave an at times riotous, thoughtful, and impassioned speech. But with this Palin really showed Alaskans that she'll stand tall for Alaska if the McCain/Palin ticket is elected to the office.

Palin: "Alaska, I'll be doing it for you."

Going in to the event, I was going mostly just because I'm a huge fan of events. I love local happenings, and the Republican Vice Presidential candidate stopping by for a speech was pretty much as big as it's going to get around these parts. I generally lean in the direction towards voting McCain/Palin just because of the economic policy supported by the duo, but I'm not fully in support of everything they have to offer (or even a majority). However, Palin showed us once again (as she had with her introduction and at the Republican National Convention) why she was the ideal person to pair with McCain - someone full of passion, spirit, and the conviction one looks for in a national leader.

The sweet setup at the Denai'na Convention Center

The thing that Palin did during this speech is reinforce the primary reason why I like her more than everyone else in this race - more than McCain, more than Obama, more than Biden. Palin really feels genuine. When she speaks, she really does not feel as if she's giving the company line, like she's just playing the role and like she is really just trying to do this for some sort of malicious plan to force her will upon the nation.

Whether she was speaking about the difference between snow machines and snow mobiles, about economic policy, or about her running mate, it all came out the same - real. I know I'm not going to agree with everything any candidate is going to say. I love a lot of what Obama says, I agree with quite a bit of what McCain comes out with, but when they say these ideas for the country it feels like a means to an end.

When Palin says it, it feels heartfelt. There is a sincerity there that other candidates lack. There is definitely something to be said about that.

Myself and Hannah on the Road to Victory

Quick notes for what I did and didn't like from the rally:

  • Palin coming out to Springsteen (even though he's a mega democrat and has stated that he'll just take all royalties and give them to Obama's campaign)
  • Playing Van Halen and AC/DC at the rally (Republican party strangely wins the music war, even if the Decemberists are BFF with Obama)
  • Even though I know she's very religious, starting the rally with a prayer felt a bit forced upon me (not to mention the prayer didn't exactly sing to me)
  • Chants of "Drill Baby, Drill" felt a bit disgusting to me - I believe in a healthy economy but that felt sickly capitalist of everyone
  • Palin: Hotter in person. Straight up.
  • The Wasilla High School band performing a rendition of the Offspring's "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" that featured the line - "Give it to me Palin, uh huh, uh huh (repeat)." Simultaneously the worst and best thing I've ever heard.
  • The DJ pair from KFAT who suggested we start an Obama chant (Give me an O! Give me a B! etc.) to see how long it would take for the crowd to catch on - awesome.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the first person account of the rally. Nice photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm visiting you from the Mudflats blog, so you probably know how I lean, and I live in NYC, 4 blocks from Ground Zero, so you know I am DEAD SERIOUS about who I want protecting me from future attacks.

And I am here to nag you!

Governor Palin has her good points, but they mainly are good from Alaska, a place she knows well and cares about.
Until two weeks ago, she had zero interest in the lower 48, which is OK if you're not running to be VP of them. Or, considering McCain is 72, older then any of the other males in his family ever lived to.
Economically, the USA is in a ditch of the Republicans' making mostly. Phil Gramm, McCain's economic advisor, wrote the legislation deregulating banks and mortgage lenders. McCain doesn't know what to do about the economy. He says it's not in bad shape.
And have you noticed his campaign lies constantly?
Your state going red regardless of what I write to you. It just bothers me that someone who sounds nice and reasonable could be on the fence after the last eight years. We've seen this movie already, and we didn't like it!

Best regards, Kathy, or, according to the Sarah Palin baby name generator (see Friday Frivolity on Mudflats),
Rake Trinket Palin
(But I prefer to go by my middle name, so sign me R. Trinket)

Erik said...

You realize that McCain's economic policy is estimated to put is in debt 2 trillion more than Obama's? Regan, Bush Sr, and Bush Jr all put our country further and further into debt. Clinton actually helped the national debt. I thought republicans were supposed to be the ones to cut back spending.

Erik said...

When a guy like Alan Greenspan even thinks McCain's economic plan sucks you know you're in trouble:

Greenspan argued that the country couldn't afford the tax cuts being proposed by John McCain without an equally massive reduction in spending.


Patty said...

Yeah, and Biden believes paying taxes is being patriotic, WOW, what a joke! That is an unbelievable stupid thing to say.

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