A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another very good weekend in the books and another that was super diverse and full of events that were slightly out of the norm. Okay, maybe not so out of the ordinary, but I had a great time with some classic Anchorage events and managed to experience some serious culture while I was at it - and I got to hang out with all kinds of great friends! Here's the breakdown:

  • Early dinner/drinks with Amy, Hannah, and Joanna at Crush (plus we met a new friend!)
  • First Friday exhibits with Amy, Hannah, and Joanna in downtown Anchorage
  • Late dinner/drinks with Arianna, Amy, Hannah, and Joanna at Orso's
  • Catching the bank job at my place super late with Hannah and Joanna (I'm beginning to think I did a lot on Friday!)
  • ESPN Gameplan going off without any problems at all!
  • Kim and I catching Kung Fu Panda at Bear Tooth (awesome again!)
  • Falling in love with 100 Bullets
  • Lunch and coffee with Kim at Middle Way Cafe
  • Going to the opening ceremony thingamajig for Freeze (a big local art event Amy and Cate's agency is doing work for) with Kim, Amy, Cate, Darren, and Eric
  • Drinks and appetizers at Bernie's with Kim and Elisa (and Amy for a bit)
  • Football all day long with Jason and Amy

It comes out as a lot more when I type it all out. All three days were great fun. First Friday was full of great artwork, tasty drinks and even tastier food. The Freeze event was pretty cool and it's always good to support events that promote culture in the Great White North. Football coming back was obviously the highlight of the weekend (even with my boy Tom Brady going down...*cry*) as Jason, Amy and I snacked on delicious food all day while being rather ridiculous as per usual (highlights: bacon and eggs, tons of coffee, tasty sammiches, getting suckered into Bud Light Lime and Volcano Tacos, Hole in the Wall, our commentary show, five yard punts, Peyton Manning's audibles, the Panthers' come back, etc.).

So yeah, it was a good time. See below for some pics from the weekend, including the comparison of Amy and I wearing Sarah Palin masks and a group shot from Freeze. Good times to be had for one and all once again!

Amy (left) and me (right) wearing Sarah Palin masks from Bernie's

(l to r) Me, Kim, Eric, Cate, and Darren at the Freeze event at the Museum


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