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M.I.A. retires

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Musical It Girl and all around Queen of booty shakin' jams M.I.A. officially called it quits today in an article from Paste Magazine. She announced at Bonnaroo that she was retiring, but she confirmed it claiming that she will no longer tour or produce music in any way. If she ends up staying retired, this is a big loss for the musical community as she is an extremely innovative and fun talent, but I'm thankful that we have two albums from her still and that I got to see her at least the once (and what a performance!)

Of course, musicians stay retired as often as comic book characters stay dead, so don't expect her to stay retired for too long. Look at Jay Z...how many times has he retired? 3? 15? 47? Even dead musicians don't retire, they just dig deeper in their catalog. I say expect more music from her, but she's never exactly been traditional. She may actually stay retired, if only to be different.


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