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Booyah for Black Friday

Friday, November 28, 2008

I braved the Black Friday lines once again, ready for full out combat shopping, and this time came out more successful than I've ever been before (or I suppose that would depend on your definition of success - in this case, success would be measured by getting what I desired and spending an absurd amount of money very quickly).

For some reason, every year my mom and I (at the very least, we are usually partnered up with others) venture out into the insanity of Black Friday, not so much looking to pick up 12 DVD players (as I've seen someone toting around at Best Buy before) but really, just to take in the crazy. You haven't seen people act crazy until you've seen them act crazy over "deals" and things of that sort, and you'll never find that more (in "quality" and quantity) than on Black Friday.

This year however, I had a specific mission as Best Buy had a very slick Toshiba laptop for super cheap. As I had a good experience with my last Toshiba laptop and these specs checked out to be pretty much exactly what I wanted, I decided another plunge into the darkness was worth it. This time, my mom, niece, and sister had an inside person, with my nephew and his friends getting to Best Buy at an absurdly early (or late) hour by getting there around 10:30/11 PM. We got there at about 3:20 AM, and were early enough to get a laptop for both my sister and myself (although I nearly had a panic attack after they claimed to have handed them all out).

So now I'm writing this from Kaladi Brothers on Title Wave's wireless network as I sip from a coffee. I've been up for 13 hours and it's only 3:35 PM, but you know what? Worth it. I got some cool stuff, killer deals, and some Christmas shopping done. Sleep? I'll sleep when I'm dead.


Erik said...

You're crazy like a fox.

David Harper said...

A totally awesome fox.

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