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Monday, November 17, 2008

I had an absolutely abysmal day today. Actually, to be more accurate, the beginning of the day was terrible and was bad up until around 3:20 PM. From then on the day was great, but the point of this story is the bad beginning.

While at work my boss suggested that I just "change my 'tude" as a way to get around it, to which I responded with "Doesn't work like that for me. When I go down, I go down hard." Most people responded to my attitude with a mixture of confusion and general dislike of being around me, which is fine, but I think a lot of that is because typically I'm about as easy going as you can get (at least in terms of being in the office).

If you're perpetually cheerful and let things roll off you, when you even have a slight change in your personality you're met with mixed reactions, most of which couldn't exactly be confused with positive ones. Then, if you're a person like me who is all or nothing (another thing I'm all or nothing on, great) which in this case means that I'm always good, except when I'm not, in which case I'm incredibly bad.

I've preached my need to learn moderation in all facets of my life numerous times in my blog. This all or nothing business is for the birds and quite often is a rather major detriment to whatever situation I'm in. I guess I just need to chalk anger management in as another thing I need to learn moderation on because I really need to not get so angry about things.

This post really has no purpose of existing besides simply sharing the state of my mental health today. It wasn't good, but a good workout and catching a flick at Bear Tooth with Hannah did wonders for my well being. Therapy comes in many forms, mine just happened to feature Ben Kingsley and Halibut Tacos tonight.

Now that's therapy I'm willing to pay for.


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