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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whenever I love something in terms of media related things that have not really received a lot of attention, I quite often go above and beyond when sharing it with others. It's something I really have a hard time not doing, but in the end it normally works out well for those around me.

With that said, Anathallo's Canopy Glow came out this week to not exactly a ton of fanfare, something I think can be cured by a little word of mouth and a little buzz. I'm trying to do my part with this post, because if you haven't heard it, you can't really spread the word about it yourself.

Here's the deal: Anathallo derives from Greek and it means "to renew, refresh, or bloom again." I task you, the reader, to come up with a haiku featuring one (or bonus points if more than one is used) of those words - renew, refresh, or bloom. Not a deal breaker if you don't, but bonus points if you can tie your haiku into music. The winner will be decided entirely objectively by me (sorry friends and family, I will not automatically choose you because I know you). Please email me at davidlharper2@gmail.com with your haiku, or if you prefer, leave it in the comments with a good contact email.

The prize? You'll be receiving Anathallo's Canopy Glow, and an actual album, not a burnt copy (have to encourage those first week SoundScan numbers, dontchaknow?).

So get writing - entries have to be in by noon on Sunday, Alaskan Standard Time (not one of those other silly time zones the majority of you are in). I'll have the winner and the winning haiku posted by Sunday evening.


Raechelle said...

The cover of that album is only a little bit disturbing.

Bobbie said...

Great contest, David. I was wondering when you would join all the other blogs out there with a giveaway. It's a great way to generate traffic. I hope you get a ton of responses. I'll just take a burnt copy for Christmas - hint, hint!

I do have to agree with your other commenter, the cover art is a little freaky.

Emily said...

Hi David it's me Emily! your niece
whoohoo hello bloggers out there
yo im awesome

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