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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unsurprisingly, on no day do I spend more time in front of the TV than on Sunday. Considering I'm a maven of football, I gorge myself on every down, taking in every play (at least if it's the Patriots) as if this is the most important play of the game. There is a rotating lineup of people watching with me every week, consisting of Amy, Jason, Hannah, and Colver, and the shared laziness and football watching leads to great days.

Of course, the volume we take in leads to something else.

Commercial domination.

Seemingly every week during a game we're inspired to do something or the other during the game by the commercials we see. Example: week 1, Jason, Amy, and myself are watching at my place. After eight straight hours of being bombarded with commercials about Bud Light with Lime (or BLL as Jason calls it) and Taco Bell's Volcano Tacos, in the break between the early afternoon game and the late afternoon game (or late afternoon game and early evening game for most of you) I collected around six Volcano Tacos and Jason picked up a sixer of BLL.

They were consumed very quickly.

This week was no different, as repeated "Nuggnuts" commercial from McDonald's led to Jason and I both downing ten piece nuggets (as collected by the incredibly giving Hannah) while we watched a movie.

It's funny how I find myself commenting on some commercials, openly asking "who would be suckered by something like this?" and then on others I am completely overcome and lose all sense about the situation and must purchase that item immediately. Maybe it's a volume thing, as some commercials really get slammed home after a while. Probably not. It's probably just a delicious thing, as nuggets, BLL, and Volcano Tacos are freaking tasty man.

With that said, see below for the best commercial ever. I may not purchase Guitar Hero World Tour after watching it, but I definitely appreciate what it has to offer.


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