A Slice of Fried Gold

The (Halloween) Weekend Edition

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ah Halloween. Strangely one of my favorite holidays, as it is always so full of ridiculousness and costumes. How many other days a year can a person wear a cape and burgers on their tie and feel like not only a normal person, but a really magnificent one at that?

Not many.

That's for sure. So what else transpired?

  • Amy's Halloween party
  • Bars with Lee, Jimmy, and Cullan
  • Impromptu bad movie night with guy dressed in V costume and Amazon girl
  • Zack and Miri with Lorna, Colver, Cullan, and Lee
  • Chilling and reading at Kaladi's (almost done with the Hellboy series and another book)
  • Dinner with parents at Lone Star (boo Lone Star)
  • Loving daylight savings with a passion
  • Coffee with my sister
  • Football with Hannah, Jason, and Amy (the Green Bay/Tennessee game was massively entertaining)
  • Rocking out with Puma Town on Rock Band 2
  • Watching the Pats give it the old college try against the Colts (I would slap you in the face right now David Thomas...you too Jabar Gaffney)

Another very full weekend, although I must admit, Sundays where I sit around and watch football all day, while awesome, do make me feel pretty damn lazy. Not good lazy, like "did I really just spend 7 straight hours watching football?" lazy. But that's neither here nor there.

Halloween is the subject at hand.

Cate, Amy, and I at the party

Amy and her roommates (she lives in what can be best described as a house that has been turned into two connected apartments) threw a party, and I attended dressed as the Hamburglar. It was a really awesome party, full of a lot of great people (attended by such luminaries as Lorna, Colver, Cate, Darren, Eric, Lee, Cullan, Jimmy, Jessie, Forrest, Brianna, and many, many more), good food and drinks, a live DJ, and no less than two smoke machines. Typically, a good party has one smoke machine. If you have two....well.

That's just a great party now isn't it.

Arianna and Amy getting bombarded by the smoke machine

Surprisingly enough, the majority of the crowd stayed at the party pretty much the whole time, and I only ventured out for a bit with Lee, Cullan, and Jimmy to the Anchor. We weren't really feeling it though, so we (or rather, they dropped me off) ventured back to the party for more good times. Now take this how you will, but a rather unforeseen event was the highlight of the evening for me. Also, this doesn't mean the rest of the night was bad in any way. It just means this was awesome.

After trying to find my keys (and other belongings for a good while) I gave up and went upstairs with the remaining party goers. I sat on a futon with two people: Dani's (one of Amy's roommates) brother, who was dressed as V from V for Vendetta, and unknown astrology enthralled Amazon girl (named that because I don't know her name and the only time I really hung out with her before then she went on and on for astrology). Halloween 3: Season of the Witch was on the TV, and everyone else was on full party mode but we all apparently had one thing on our minds.

Arianna and I at the party

Impromptu bad movie night.

We went on to watch the rest of the movie making jokes about nearly everything that happened, jokes that my fellow BMV (bad movie night) hall of famer Brian would be damn proud of. We laughed, we cried (from laughing so hard), we had a hell of a great time. Strangely enough, looking back on it, I honestly think that might have been my favorite part of the night. I guess that's why Halloween is so great. You really never know what it's going to bring you, but odds are it will be stupendous and not what you expect.

You gotta love that.


Raechelle said...

just thinking about Halloween on Friday makes me want to vomit. It is quite obvious that I need to drink more often in order to prevent how I felt on Saturday. Ugh. Glad you had a good time, although I'm disappointed that your night didn't involve more hamburglaring.

Lacey said...

I haven't read your blog in a long time and I forgot how funny it is. I also must say I am a bit jealous you have Rock Band 2?! We need to G-chat soon, I can be one tomorrow.....

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