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Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama is leading, but can McCain pull off the upset?

Tomorrow is Election Day, and it is impossible to argue this point: it's probably the most heated election America has ever seen. With the ascension of the internet and global communication, everyone has a point and everyone wants to share it, and share it they do. This leads to even more dissent amongst voters and an even more clear divide between the left and the right. It has gotten pretty crazy if you ask me.

No less, everyone (assuming you vote) will align themselves with someone tomorrow. I know a lot of people on both sides, and I'm sure a lot of them are wondering which side I'm going for considering I haven't committed to anyone yet (even if, as my boss said, any vote is really a symbolic vote in Alaska, as our two powerful electoral votes are going towards McCain).

A while back I said I was going to stop talking about politics because I felt underinformed and I didn't want to make mistakes and I didn't want to say anything I'd eventually regret (sorry Amanda...). Well, I did my research, I did my time, I talked with a lot of different people, and I ended up just being even more deadlocked than I was before. I see both sides, I like things that each candidate says, it really just comes down to who I believe more.

Some would say I'm just a fence sitter, but I choose to say I find that neither candidate stands out enough to clearly win. Neither won my vote outright, but I have to choose someone. That someone is...blank.

After careful consideration and seeing the passion that comes out of candidate supporters (watch rallies for either candidate - you see people weeping in the audience...seriously), I decided that it is my right to not share who I vote for. It's not that I'm ashamed of who I vote for, I just believe that it's my own business and it beats having one group of people unhappy with me for who I chose.

So there that is. Regardless of what (or whom) you believe in though, you should go vote. It's your right and you should stand up for what you believe in with the one weapon you have - your ballot. Tomorrow is the day. Country first...yes we can.

Happy voting everyone.


Patty said...

My vote is for McCain/Palin; gotta vote your conscience. Your boss is right, we will be a red state!

Erik said...

Obama it is. Both have their pros and cons, but McCain really shattered any belief I had in his so called stability the minute he picked Palin as a running mate. Plus the republican party hasn't worked very well for the last 8 years, so lets give the democrats a shot at things.

PS. Oregon has the best voting system ever! Your ballot gets mailed to you and you can mail it back or drop it off at locations! No lines!

David Harper said...

I am so envious of Oregon's voting system. It's voting for lazy people. Yay!

Bobbie said...

Well said, David!
We'll find out soon enough.

Patty said...

Our nation has always rewarded those who work hard, now we are penalized for doing so; bring on the sharing of wealth. I wish you both financial success but Obama doesn't see it that way. Just make sure you're not successful enough to make over his magic number, whatever that will be. He'd rather create new WELFARE programs and more government jobs, after all they are about the same thing. Give it a few years of paying and see how you like giving your hard earned money to people who won't work and expect subsidies from those who do. They are the people that have enabled Obama to be the next president of the U.S. It's a travesty!! As far as McCain choosing Palin it was nothing more than a grab for women votes, it didn't work but at least he isn't a sheep in wolf's clothing. Neither one of them can fix this economy that our legislator's got us into. I'd just prefer that government wasn't our brother's keeper and let us take care of ourselves.

Erik said...

The fact he picked Palin in a desperate grab at women votes instead of someone with a semblance of credentials shows me he is doing purely what it takes to win, as did his campaign. That turned me off immensely and showed me he was willing to forget what a president should be by using those means to try and win. That is a wolf in sheeps clothing if I've ever seen one.

Doesn't matter now, McCain got buried and now I feel relief.

JManda said...

I still heart you David, even though you were never the most tactful toward me :)

I don't think I'd have it any other way.

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