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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cover to Amazing Spider Man #576

I have officially reached the apex of my dorkdom. It simply cannot get any higher.

This week in Amazing Spider Man #576, I had a letter published. First letter in the letters page, David Harper, Anchorage, AK. There I am. Raving about a comic book.

My cup runneth over with excitement.

It's pretty much the coolest thing ever to happen to me, and it was the first time I've really felt a buzz from pure excitement in quite some time. I found it hard to purchase my comics without grinning ear to ear, and strangely I didn't reveal to my friendly neighborhood comic vendors at Bosco's that it happened. I think it was sheer disbelief. I've wanted to have a letter published in a comic since I was little, but this is the first time I've ever written in or been published. I mean, they may not admit it, but it's every comic fans dream to have a letter published on the letters page.

I may be insane, but I think this is more exciting for me than when Newsweek quoted my blog. Perhaps if they wanted to quote me about comic books, we may have a winner there. However, it wasn't, so it isn't. Take a look at it if you get the chance, but I know the average person doesn't really come by a comic book store often.


Troy Olson said...

That's quite the honor! I'll have to go check out that issue's letter column now.

Please tell me you pointed out an arcane continuity error in order to get a "no-prize" (do they still even give those out?).

David Harper said...

They still do no-prizes, but I didn't get to do three things I always wanted to do in the letter: get a no-prize, drop Make Mine Marvel, or drop Excelsior.

But you know, there's always the next letter!

Bobbie said...


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