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Another one bites the dust

Monday, May 19, 2008

In the Harry Potter series, there is at least one new teacher every year at Hogwarts (the absolutely, ridiculously incredible wizarding school Harry attends) and that is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Every year there is another reason for the teacher to go away, but it's typically because they are either evil, troubled, or incompetent (in order: evil, incompetent, troubled, evil, evil, sort of evil, evil - mostly evil I guess).

Strangely enough, I've started to notice symmetry between that position and a Marketing Coordinator position at my work. I've worked for my company in the summer of 2006 and from February 2007 until now, and in that time there have been three people that have filled this specific job in my department. One per year. Reasons for departure? Incompetent/troubled, troubled/evil, incompetent.

Today we lost the most recent one, and it's very odd to be going through another one, but it will be nice to get someone who can really do the job in there. It's sad that we go through so many people, but I somewhat hope the Hpot symmetry continues because maybe that will lead to more correlation between my life and the wondrous series.

Perhaps I'll develop magic powers? Win an international wizarding tournament? Get a flying broomstick? I have no idea. I'm just throwing that all out there. God I hope that comes true, even at the expense of consistencies within the workplace.


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