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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Barney Stinson...come on down!!!

So tonight, it's almost bed time and I haven't written a blog in two days. Really, I've only blogged twice so far this month, just when I did it I churned out a lot of content. I haven't really been blogging with consistency, just hitting it with major flurries. Really, there is one major reason as to why I've lacked any real consistency.

How I Met Your Mother.

Pretty much every moment outside of work lately has been dedicated to this legendary TV comedy. It's a little sad.

Sad...but awesome.

I haven't gotten this hooked on a TV show in quite some time, however I've finally hit a wall as there are no more DVD's to watch. I burned through the second season over the last few days and I crave more (the download for season 3 going but the internet claims it will take 3 days to finish...3 days!!! seriously, get your act together internet).

Season 2 may actually have been better than season 1, as one episode late in the season caused me to laugh so hard I had to pause and then rewind a couple minutes because my laughter drowned out the dialogue. The show clearly stepped it up a notch in the comedy department. Another episode ("Slap Bet") both made me cry from laughing and also made me decide I wanted to start betting slaps with friends. Any takers?

I can't recommend this show enough. Get on this now! Costco has them super cheap, you can get both seasons for less than $50 combined! That's a steal of a deal if I've ever seen one.

Back to the point, now that I've exhausted my HIMYM resources, I'll try to post daily throughout the rest of the week, even including the weekend. Also, for those that were wondering I simply couldn't do a Capitalist Pig Tuesday's post. There simply was not anything I deemed worth purchasing, so I didn't want to lead my faithful readership astray.


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