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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

After a week of absolutely no interesting releases (at least to me), we have a very big one and a pretty fun little one to pair up with it as well. So welcome back to Capitalist Pig Tuesdays, feel free to take both of these albums for a spin and check them out yourself. They're worth a purchase, especially the former.

Album of the week: Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs

What?! No way?! The CD that I was touting last week as the best release of the year is the album of the week?! I can hardly believe it. This is absolutely shocking.

Regardless of the fact you are all likely floored, go here to see my breakdown of this album and why I think it's so great.

Also, go here to take this album for a spin yourself.

Random pick of the week: We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

Oh you scientists you, back with your first release since 2005's With Love and Squalor which gave us such fun tracks such as "The Scene is Dead" and "The Great Escape," what exactly have you been doing for the past three years and what has it done to your fun garage rock sound?

Not much really.

Those expecting a major advancement in their sound from With Love and Squalor will not be receiving that from Brain Thrust Mastery (although I do strangely love that name and the album cover). Despite the fact that they definitely have not reinvented the wheel with this album, they've still released a very listenable and decently catchy album.

However, I think my biggest problem with the album is it's biggest strength at the same time - it's a good approximation of the first album and listenable throughout, but rarely do you ever hear a track and think "I love this!" Everything comes across as something you nod your head to and occasionally singalong to as you drive, but never really does it bring any sort of passion out of you. Perhaps that's because they never really get passionate, I'm not sure. A good, not great album, but one that's definitely worth a couple spins because it could be for you.

Go here to find out if this is the album for you, free and totally legal.


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