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Top 100 Comic Book Runs

Thursday, May 15, 2008

In my life I've read an ungodly amount of comics. I once wrote a letter to my favorite artist claiming that I believed that she and the co-creator of my all-time favorite comic (the one that was mostly responsible for me getting back into comics as well) owed me roughly $50,000 because they caused me to start collecting again. I said it as a joke, but this is definitely one of those "every joke has a shred of truth" type situations.

Tangent: the funny thing is, she apparently both did not care, but the letter I was writing to her included a request for sketches and included money for postage so she could send them back to me. Not only did I never see those sketches, but I never saw the money either. I hope you went to Tim Horton's and bought yourself some disgusting coffee with that five dollars! You two now owe me $50,005. The juice is running! /tangent

But the point is, I've read a significant amount of comics. Recently the "Comics should be good!" section of Comic Book Resources released the results of a preferred member voted poll about what are the top 100 comic book runs of all time. What do I think? Well, truth be told, I can't really say much because even with the years upon years of experience, I've read the entirety of only 25 of the 100 runs (which includes Garth Ennis' and John McCrea's Hitman run, seen up and to the right). I'm sure that's way more than the average reader, but it really makes me feel inadequate. I may have to turn in my comic snob member card!

However, as to my opinion of the actual list, I think it's a great mix of the classic runs of all-time characters and modern works of art from such luminaries as Brian K. Vaughan, Terry Moore, and Ed Brubaker. It's a very diverse and fair list, although I must admit I was a bit shocked that Preacher only finished with a ranking of eighth. Of course what do you drop for it to be honest?

Exceptions to note that may make it later on include Eric Powell's the Goon series and Brubaker and Sean Phillips' current collaboration on Criminal, but I think the voting squad made the right choice by not including them as they are still far too early on for any sort of all-time list. Also, I'm not sure if it would even qualify, but Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim would have to be one to vie for inclusion on my list.

Regardless, for those that are interested in comics, check out the list and see how many you've read. For those that are looking to get started...well, that list is the best of the best. Check it out. Of course if you have no interest in comics at all you can move on. Move on now folks...nothing to see here. I for one can't wait to start cracking through the whole list to experience all of the ones I missed for the first time.


sheri said...

I have this one: 99. Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise – 96 points (2 first place votes). I've never read it though. But they look pretty snazzy sitting on the bookshelf.

You would be ashamed at my lack of comic book experience.

Troy Olson said...

I'll one-up Sheri -- I've read 30 of those runs in their entirety along with bits and pieces of some others.

To read that entire list would take a loooong time.

On a side note -- it's difficult to read the entire run of something like Hitman, since DC won't re-collect the series. Oh well, I guess that's what .cbr files are for.

David Harper said...

I have the entire run of Hitman in comic form. That's an absolutely incredible series, and I never understand why they won't collect it in trade format. It constantly7 surprises me that they won't.

I need to catch up, I'm five back on you.

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