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Monday, May 5, 2008

Not a lot happens in Alaska. Well...at least when it comes to major events. They rarely happen but when they do a certain level of insanity tends to take place.

Example: Elton John tickets went on sale today and sold out in 58 minutes. They sold so fast that John actually added a second date two days after the first one, as apparently Alaskans have a deep, deep yearning to catch the Rocket Man.

Amazingly enough, John's appearance managed to cause the following events to take place:

  • One man to camp up out for over 24 hours just to get tickets
  • The Sullivan Arena's (where the event is taking place) website to crash
  • Ticketmaster to lock up, due to the traffic hit which led to all tickets selling out in five minutes
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of people to line up outside the Sullivan Arena
This may of course seem insane to those who live in the states and beyond, but to me it's a different type of crazy. I'm perpetually surprised by Alaskans ability to freak out about anything and everything new and fresh. After all, we are the place that managed to set the record for most money earned by a Dairy Queen ever for a week long timespan...in just five days.

Sure, I'd like to go to the show (especially now that I was completely rejected once, my efforts have been redoubled now) but at what price?

I guess we'll find out next Monday when the tickets go on sale!


Patty said...

You get another chance to stand in line. Remind you of the old days?

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