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The Weekend Edition

Sunday, May 4, 2008


That's what I have to say about this weekend.


It was a great time, don't get me wrong, but good god am I tired. Also, in typical David fashion, I have a deeply ingrained feeling that I made a total fool of myself but really, when do I not feel like that coming out of a weekend? That's a rhetorical question, but if it was answered there is only one answer to be had - never.

Now that that's been said, what'd I do this weekend?

  • Watched Iron Man with Colver (good, but not spectacular)
  • Watched Elizabethtown/Metal Videos/Ate Grilled Cheese at Amy's
  • Read a bunch
  • Fifth Day (More on this later)
  • Free Comic Day - Best Day Ever
  • Frisbee Golf with a posse
  • Late lunch at Snow Goose
  • Early dinner at La Mex
  • Rocking!
  • Partying downtown
  • Watched the first disc of How I Met Your Mother season 2

Saturday is the bit I want to get into, as it was a heck of a day and a very packed one at that.

Amy ferociously consuming a McChicken

The Crew celebrates Cinco de Mayo yearly with a ridiculously alcoholic goal/celebration: drink a fifth on the fifth. In lieu of the fact that Cinco de Mayo is on a Monday this year (it's a shame really), Saturday was substituted this year. This was my first go round with this highly poisonous but likely fun day. How did it go?

Enjoying the sun on a beautiful Saturday

It was awesome! It was a strange feeling to be consuming that business all day, but it was really fun, especially considering all of the events that were going on. I picked up new sunglasses, went to Bosco's for Free Comic Day (first Saturday every May - best day ever man!), played a really fun round of Frisbee Golf, had lunch at Snow Goose, dinner at La Mex, rocked...you name it, we did it.

Nick and Sharpe playing Frisbee Golf at Westchester

The day started out as just Amy and I, but throughout the day others joined in, including (but not limited to): Jason, Jon, Hannah, Nate, Briana, Sharpe, Nick, Johnny, and a host of others. Amy and I were the only ones that went all the way with it though, which I'm unsure as to whether or not that is good for us or bad for us. Who knows these things? It's a little impressive, and a little depressing at the same time.

Hannah, myself, and Amy on the deck at Snow Goose

As much fun as it was (and it was a ton of fun, as you can likely see in the pictures) it also kind of served as an eye opener. First off, no one should ever consume that much. Ever. It just isn't natural. Second off, I make horrible decisions under the influence. I'm dumb and clumsy 99.9% of the time, adding layers of difficulty to situations by drinking is not exactly the smartest thing I could ever do. For all of the fun I had, I'm still sitting here at my computer wishing I hadn't done some things and crossing my fingers nothing comes back to bite me in the butt.

Hannah and I in maybe the best Rock Band picture ever

Everyone always drops the immortal phrase after a night of drinking: "I'm never going to drink that much again." As cliche as it is at this point, I'm going to take the time to say it one more time. Once more, with feeling. I'm never going to drink that much again. Ever. I was once told I'm an all or nothing guy, and that is an absolute fact about me if there ever has been one. I'm all in all the time, and it's about time for that to stop. So starting right now, I'm taking a step towards better understanding and applying the concept of moderation.

Briana and Amy

Shocking that it took 24 years for me to commit to such an easy concept huh?

Nate, Jon, me, and Jason

With that note, that's enough of that. There's a difference between learning lessons from mistakes and wallowing in them. The key to mending what you've harmed is going back to how you were before, not making a big deal of it, and not making that mistake again. Which is what I'm going to do.

Amy, myself, and Hannah

Back to the point though: it was a ton of fun. I had a great time. Sure, there are regrets, but to quote the single greatest film ever made (that's Bubble Boy for those that are wondering): "Don't live life with regret, ese." Boo to them I say! I got a ton of awesome pictures with my new camera, added a few more chapters to the Legend of David, acted a damn fool, met some new people, and partied down with great friends. What more could I ask for out of a Saturday evening, as a horribly irresponsible and slightly ridiculous young adult? Not much I say.

Myself and the crew - I'm the one in the world's gayest pose


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