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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Congressman Specter:

I'm sure you are a reasonable man for the most part. I'm sure you have a very legitimate explanation for wasting your time policing the National Football League and the New England Patriots (full disclosure: I am, and will be forever, a Patriots fan) over the ongoing Spygate scandal instead of pursuing other more pressing matters. I mean, it's not like you are really involved with any important committees or anything, anything that could give you the power the do anything with real lasting change.

What's that?

You're in committees that put you in the position to look into why classified documents leak and that look into why normal Americans are wiretapped on a day to day basis? You're a ranking member in a subcommittee that looks into education and labor within America when we're in a time where tons of kids aren't graduating and unemployment rates are going way up? Why would you waste time with petty things like that?

I mean come on. Football is America's game, and if that isn't played fairly then nothing else matters. Am I right? You go get 'em. There are no other pressing matters out there, so you go ahead and spend millions of dollars and many, many hours on an independent investigation. Because that makes sense.

You make me want to move to Pennsylvania so I can vote against you.


Your friend,

David Harper


Troy Olson said...

In total agreement and I'm not even a Pats fan.

Specter sounds like a typical bitter Steeler's fan. It isn't good enough that your team has won 5 Super Bowls in its history?

Maybe I should write a Washington congressman and have them open up an investigation into how one sided the referees were against the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. It's not like it's going to do any good, but it would be as much of a witch hunt and waste of time as Specter is currently indulging in.

In other words, get over it you stupid ass. (Sadly, Specter isn't up for re-election until 2010, so he's not going anywhere for a while).

David Harper said...

Well to be fair he is a bitter Eagles fan, which is way worse than a bitter Steelers fan (at least the Steelers don't boo their own draft picks).

But you're right, the Hawks absolutely got hosed in that Super Bowl. However, if you're a Seattle area sports fan and you want a congressman to get involved with something, it has to be the Sonics situation right?

Sonics fans are getting as screwed as any group of fans ever created. I feel terrible for them.

Back to the point, Specter is a joke, and thanks for the comment!

Troy Olson said...

Hmm, the AP has been calling him a Steeler fan, but perhaps that's just because he's going to bat for them.

Also, the Blazers have my basketball allegiances -- but even so, Sonics fans are getting the ultimate screwjob and it's pathetic that the whole league is just sitting back and letting it happen. I've lost any of the respect I had left for David Stern over this whole thing.

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