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My blatantly pro-gay agenda

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today I received a call from customer service at work. The guy on the line claimed that he had a woman wanting to talk to someone about our Yellow Pages ads and in particular our Yellow Pages man. This guy is a popular character created for the ads, and it's just a guy who wears a mask, a cape, and underwear over his jeans. He's a self-made superhero, and to be honest I think the ads are silly. However, they're a hit so whatever.

Back to the point, apparently she was offended by the character's "bulge" and wanted to speak to someone. With no one else available, I begrudgingly took the call, and then dealt with this woman for the next 10 minutes. What did we talk about?
  • She felt that our ads "accentuated his area"
  • She felt that our ads were "blatantly homosexual"
  • She said that this man is "heavy set and clearly gay - two things no real man should be"
  • When I combatted her arguments with "I think we're going for a superhero theme" she responded with "that's even more disgusting - gays are not heroes."
  • She wanted me to look into the way we do business, as we have a "blatantly pro-gay agenda"

It was really, really hard not to laugh. For the ten minutes we spoke, she just carried on about those five things and variations of each one. The thing that shocks me is that it took this long for someone to figure it out. Yes ma'am, I created these ads in an attempt to convert the entirety of the state into gay superheroes. You've discovered my dastardly plan...now I will go and drink scotch from my decanter (because I can do that now!) and curse your existence for figuring me out.


Some people are honestly too ignorant for their own good, but I guess each person is welcome to their own opinion, regardless of how kooky it is.


Raechelle said...

Well it sounds like you got a taste of what we deal with at my work! If anything...and I mean ANYTHING goes wrong in our city, it's our fault. For example, the flooding. Apparantly we should have predicted this and built a large concrete wall around the city to contain the water. Also, the traffic is our fault because we promote our city too much which makes people move here. Which means that ALL the signals that don't work are our fault, etc, etc, etc.

You get the idea. At least it was mildly entertaining and bloggable.

sheri said...

You really should have embedded a video of one of them, they are up on youtube. I had to watch them of course, and I must say... TOTTALLLY trying to turn kids gay!! (kidding)


Erok said...

I absolutely can't stand bigots. You should also have told her that gays are in fact heroes in some cases and recommended that she picks up a copy of The Authority!

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