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Let's go Aces!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

F.P. Guenette surrounded by teammates after his game winning goal

Last night I attended the Alaska Aces playoff game against the Las Vegas Wranglers. Brian, Amy, Colver, Lorna, and I were excited for the game, but as I walked in there was an odd sense of desperation I felt in the audience. The Aces were down 3-0 in the series on the top seeded Wranglers, so the fear of their own professional sport mortality was definitely hitting Aces fans.

We weren't feeling that though. Hell no we weren't. Amy, Brian, and I arrived earlier than Colver and Lorna (Lorna forgot her ID - reason no. 4,236 why Lorna and Colver are a perfect couple, they both regularly forget their ID's before events that required them) with our VIP Lounge tickets and a hunger in us (at least in Brian and I that is).

Before the game started, we ran in for some free food (chili!), soda, and one of the more awkward looking National Anthems ever. Why was that? We were in this little room where I was talking about something off color through the first bit (people looked upset), then through the remainder there was about 25 people looking in different directions (no flag to look at) and one person singing the weirdest rendition ever of it. It was pretty funny, in a awkward sort of way.

Of course, after that we hustled down to our seats, which were absolutely incredible. Right on the glass, right near my coworker Judy. They pretty much ruled. Of course what didn't rule was how the game went. 2-0 early in the second period (which led to Amy's departure as she had somewhere else to be), and then 3-1 going into the third. Not looking promising with the Aces not looking very good at all.

What happened after that was one of the best sporting event experiences I've ever had, as the Aces ended up scoring 5 goals from that point on, including one with 36 seconds left (and with their penalty killing unit out) and then the squeaker in overtime to pull off the improbable victory. Every goal was followed with jumping up and down, high fiving, bear hugs, screaming, everything. Colver, Brian, and I were like true Aces fans out there (as opposed to the absolute posers we are) and we had a hell of a time doing it. We'd high five everyone around us, stomp the metal floor to psyche out the opposing team, scream at opposing players, everything.

It was great.

Plus, on top of that there was some very odd audience participation moments including, but not limited to, the guy behind us who could not stop screaming "SUCK YOU REF!" over and over, the guy to our right who was so drunk his face looked like it was melting, the kid behind us who looked like he had a beard, and last but not least, the seven or eight year old girl who cussed like a sailor (who loved Brian and hugged him after the game).

All in all, it was an incredible experience. It was the best united fan experience I've had since the Idaho/Boise State game back at school (and we lost that game), and probably the best sporting event experience I'll have until the Pats game in December. Well, unless I go tonight, as the Aces are up again.

Let's go Aces!!


Erok said...

That UI/Boise game was a hell of a time. I felt like death that night.

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