A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hooray! A weekend down without any ridiculousness like last one! That's what I'm talking about!

What it did feature was wall to wall beautiful weather, very little sleep, and tons of fun. What'd I enjoy this weekend and what did I partake in? Here goes!

  • Cooking dinner for the Unit+1 at Kim's
  • Pool at Anchorage Billiards Palace
  • Baby Mama
  • The Homieeeeeeee!
  • Driving drunk people home (extremely memorable)
  • Finished two books
  • Frisbee golf (once with Amy, two rounds with Colver)
  • Dami with Amy and Hannah
  • Rocking it out with Puma Town
  • Downtown with the Crewnit (more on this later)
  • Mother's Day breakfast
  • Clothes shopping with Colver (this was in no way gay)
  • Plotting the new alignment of my apartment with Kim

To stick to some semblance of chronological order, I'll delve into the explanation of the Crewnit now. Amy and her friends (my friends, our friends...whatever) are referred to always as the Crew, however me and my friends (their friends, our friends...whatever) did not have a name. Taking it upon ourselves, we were subsequently named the Unit, after a word frequently used by Colver and occasionally dropped by Kim.

Hence "the Crewnit."

No less, instead of going into super boring details about what happened with the Crewnit, the long story short is that we went downtown to Bernie's and the Shed, danced like idiots, chilled and had a bunch of fun, and bonded in the way only two former rival gangs can: through the consumption of alcohol and hijinks. Photographic evidence below!

Nate, Amy, Lorna, Jon, and Julie - one fifth unit, four fifths crew

Jason, me, Hannah, and Kim - half and half!

I'm totally shocked, because Hannah is trying to eat my face!

Jason, Amy, and I

Jason's face is classic - Nate, Colver, and Jason at the Shed

So that was all in good fun, and I managed to still be able to get up at 7:30 the next morning without wanting to shoot myself because of a lack of sleep or because of hangover. Nice!

I had to get up that early of course because it was Mother's Day, and my dad and I were preparing dinner for both my mom and my two sisters, plus their kids. It was a hellacious feast, featuring a cornucopia of breakfast selections including: scrambled eggs, poached eggs, bacon, maple sausage, biscuits and gravy, a horrifically futile attempt at waffles, toast, and mimosas. Pretty ridiculously delicious, and it was a great time making it, although I did eat far too much.

The three honored ones (mom and sisters) seemed to love it, and it was a great time spending some quality time with family. Plus, anyone knows that if an event involves food, odds are I'm going to love it. Unless that food is liver, and in that case you have found my kryptonite. See photographic evidence of the event below.

Myself and my dad working in the kitchen

Towering over my dad in the midst of cooking

All in all, it was a great and super varied weekend. Can't complain about that! One more weekend to go, and then my big trip to the Pacific Northwest is here. Can't wait, although I have to admit - I'm going to miss Alaska for the week I'm gone because of good times like this.


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