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Someone cast cure 2 already

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today marked the second time since I started at my job a year and 3 months ago that I missed time because of illness. The first time I could hardly even function, this time I could marginally function but couldn't eat because of my throat and had the concentration to do menial tasks but very little in terms of real thought intensive activities.

However, the good news is I actually made it until 2 pm today, so I really only missed two hours, both of which were used to finish the remaining episodes of How I Met Your Mother (yay! I won't mention it anymore...am I right?) and nap for a while. Still not feeling so hot, who knows what tomorrow holds.

All I know is I have one bit of recommendation: if you go online trying to find chinese delivery places and you find one that allows you order online - ignore it! Its slightly easier to use interface and pro-sore throat amenities are simply used as a cover up for a tawdry secret - terrible food! Stay away from China Garden in Anchorage, it's bad news people.


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