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Best day ever?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Perhaps it's just because all week days lately have sucked completely, but so far today has been freaking awesome. I mean, I'm grinning ear to ear perpetually. Why?

10. Everything at work going right for a change
9. Being the only person in my area of the office, so I can blare music
8. Kermit performing LCD Soundsystem's "New York, I Love You"
7. Getting free passes to the Anchorage International Film Festival
6. Finally going to the Gumbo House and discovering a new favorite Alaskan restaurant
5. New comics coming in (Secret Invasion finale! Ahhh!)
4. Talib Kweli coming to Alaska February 7th!
3. Getting kudos and mileage for a job well done from two VPs and two Directors
2. Getting asked to be a groomsmen (with Best Man option on the table) at Colver and Lorna's wedding
1. Christmas/Bday present - Going to see the New England Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks this weekend with Erik in Seattle!

So yeah, I'm pretty sure this day is overloaded with awesomeness. Thank god for the change, because it's been a long time coming. Apparently my karma has swung back to the good side for a bit.


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About time!

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