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The Weekend Edition (Mega crazy weekend edition)

Monday, December 8, 2008

So this weekend was pretty much freaking epic. Because I've been tied up with other things between now and then, I'm even going to get into Thursday's events, so this is a breakdown of what went down Thursday through Sunday. It was about as epic as you can get, no doubt about it. I'm going to split it into three sections though, to cover the main three events.

Part 1: Lyrics Bored

One of the best concert runners in the state of Alaska is the restaurants Bear and Moose's Tooth, who have over the years brought up Wilco, Matisyahu, Cake, Third Eye Blind, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, and more. During the summer they have the Moose's Tooth summer concert series, but they also have First Tap events at Bear Tooth every month where they premier a new beer and have a musician/band/whatever put on a show.

December '08's First Tap brought up Bay Area rapper Lyrics Born, a college radio favorite and an artist I caught for part of one song at Bumbershoot '07. I had reviewed his album Same S@%^ Different Day (clearly mine was the censored one) in college, and felt like he could put on a pretty good show. One way or another, I figured Jason, Hannah, and I would have a good time.

Sure enough we did, and we ran into plenty of other great folks there to share in the good time and beer with, as many tasty beverages were consumed (while I liked the new Stout they revealed, I stuck to lighter beers after one run). Plus, the opening band was ATF (Alaskan Thunder Funk) which featured a fellow Bosco's new comic day guy as one of the lead rappers. It was great seeing comic book geeks being represented in a good way on stage.

On came Lyrics Born, and I have to admit, I was severely underwhelmed. Their performance reminded me of the Starting Line years back at the Drive Thru Invasion tour. It started out really cool as you had a fairly well performing group who had clearly been doing this for a while and brought some good banter to the stage. Then when you realized all they did was the same thing, over and over, it started to get tired (heads up Lyrics Born, you do NOT have to ask how the ladies are in the house after and before every song - nor the "fellas").

While overall they performed well (especially the freakishly talented Joyo Velarde), I was pretty freaking bored by the end. Strangely enough, possibly my favorite part of the night was driving back to my place with Jason and Hannah as a slightly intoxicated Jason continually threw down Joker quotes from the Dark Knight in a scary accurate Heath Ledger voice. Creepy as hell, but it made me laugh hysterically. Bravo Jason.

Part II: The Crewnit Celebrates Colver's 25 Years

This past Saturday was Colver's 25th birthday, and to celebrate Lorna invited the remaining Crenwit members (meaning it was Colver, Lorna, Amy, Hannah, Jason, and I) over for drinking and ridiculousness. Any time the Crewnit gathers, it's cause for celebration, and we've rarely been assembling in our entirety lately.

However, we did this time, and it was legendary. I mean come on, we had beer pong, we had me trying to kick a ball and eating it ridiculously afterwards, camo hat pics, cake, wedding discussions, more Joker quoting, coercing Jason into skipping his hockey game, and tons of hijinks.

Most of all, we just had great friends together having an incredible time together. That's something we haven't been doing as a group as much as we used to, and it felt like a perfect time to bring it all back together. It just reminds me that we need to do that more often, and thankfully, it's the holiday season. That's the perfect time for planned Crewnit hang outs, like our upcoming Christmas party and New Years party. Now that I can't wait for.

Part III: Fastest 36 Hours

Erik and I at the game

Between 5:45 PM on Saturday and 8:40 AM today, I was in transit between Anchorage and Seattle for one purpose - to see the New England Patriots to play for the first time. It was everything I thought it could be and more.

I was excited, but more than this guy? No way.

Here's an example of how excited I was: as we walked in, I asked Erik "would it be weird if I cried because I'm so happy? Because that's kind of what I felt like doing." It was overwhelming, going in and seeing this ridiculously amazing stadium (Qwest Field is a work of art) and looking on the field seeing all of my favorite players.

My new favorite Seahawk

Plus, while you can actually see the game better on TV, there is something to be said about live games. Watching the game live, it's like you're in sync with your team. I was calling plays as they developed, penalties (or not called ones) become glaringly obvious, and every nerve wracking situation becomes inflated in its intensity.

Belichick and Vrabel stratergizing

This is a game that was decided with less than 2 minutes left with the Seahawks driving to tie or win the game (thank you Brandon Meriwether!), and the go ahead touchdown was scored on 4th down from the one yard line. Needless to say, I was a wreck. I felt as if I was going to collapse at any second from pure stress. I couldn't though, and I could hardly even sit the whole game due to pent up energy (thankfully, at Qwest Field, everyone stands always). Here's an idea of my mental state: Erik at one point asked "did you forget your paper bag?"


Yes I did.

Vrabel giving tough love

Not only was it amazing just seeing everything so up close and personal, you really get an idea of team dynamics and what it means to be a professional athlete. To see Mike Vrabel talk to all of the younger defenders after they gave up a TD, coaching them and really hyping them up...to see Vrabel and Bill Belichick scheme together on how to stop Branch and Carlson from killing us...to see the determination on Wes Welker's face the entire game...it was just a revelation.

Wes Welker = The Man

Now to see Stephen Gostkowski and Chris Hanson goof off while waiting for their 5 seconds to shine...that was just hilarious. Kickers officially became my heroes after watching them live, as they are just clowns on the sideline (Gostkowski tends to juggle footballs off his feet when bored), but while the field as a whole felt shorter from the live perspective, good god if kicking field goals and punts didn't seem like the hardest thing imaginable. I have a new level of respect for them.

Hardest job ever!

Also, it was great to go to the game and actually have a good amount of Pats fans around me, as I loved being able to high five people around me after great plays and complain openly and vehemently when I perceived something to be a transgression against my team. Of course, the Seahawks fans around didn't particularly appreciate it, but that's okay with me. I wore my Welker jersey with pride and cheered my team like none of them existed. I'm just glad I didn't get punched.


It was just such a joy to see them play, and such a relief to see them win, and none of it would have been possible without my dad. Thanks so much for the best Christmas/birthday present ever. My dream of watching the Patriots play was everything I thought it could be and more.

View of the Seattle skyline from our seats


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I am so glad you got to go! What a dream come true. It sounds like you had an awesome time.

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Nice pics.

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Nice Dad you have!

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