A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition (It's party time)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I think it's been pretty much decided that December 2008 is the busiest month of my life. This whole month has been wall to wall insanity, and this weekend was definitely no different. What went down?

  • Dad's 60th birthday party
  • Coffee with my sister
  • Snow City and a Bosco's adventure with Hannah
  • Seeing Milk with my mom
  • GCI's Christmas party
  • Lazy Sunday with Middle Way Cafe, finishing my book, wrapping up season 3 of Dexter, and some serious ballin' with Colver
So the whole weekend was most definitely awesome. The two big highlights were the parties of the weekend, starting with my Dad's 60th birthday party. Hannah and myself were two of the first to show up, arriving around 6:15 or 6:30, and we ended up staying there until past midnight. Tons of people showed up to celebrate my Dad's birthday, and it was great times shared by friends and family alike. There was me dominating in Scene It, the cigar smoking crew on the deck, Colver thinking family friend Penny was my sister (to her delight), excellent gag gifts (I got my Dad adult diapers) and just good times to be had by all.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera, but still, it was a memorable occasion that pictures were unnecessary for really.

Last night's extravaganza was GCI's Christmas party, and this was the first one I'd been able to attend. It took place at the Dena'ina Center and had 1,600 or more people there. Essentially, it was a party put together for employees to eat great food, drink a ridiculous amount of alcohol, and have a ton of fun. Knowing me, I of course drank a bunch and did my standard quota of stupid things, but I had an absolute blast doing it.

Plus, I got to see all kinds of coworkers drunk that I'd never seen happen before, Cate and I got to dominate the dance floor for at least three songs (running man + fishing pole dance = gold mine, I have video proof), and it was all for free. I always like to say, everything is better when it's free. This was no exception.

I always said that I would prefer just an extra day off every year (that's what we get on odd years instead of the Christmas party) but I don't know. It's a pretty great night and one where you get to see all the business people you're used to seeing only in a formal way be very, very not formal. I could get used to having it yearly, that's for sure.


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