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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wes Welker reacting to the news that I will be at the game

I'm sitting in the airport for the first 36 hour two flight venture of my life. To Seattle and back to Anchorage between 5:45 PM on Saturday and 6 AM on Monday. Why in gods name would I do something so crazy? My sleep patterns are going to be dominated and work is going to be ridonculous (ridonkulous?) on Monday.

Oh wait.

I know why.

I'm going to watch the Patriots on Sunday!

As a surprise Christmas/Birthday present, my dad decided he was going to send me down to Seattle to catch the Seahawks/Patriots game, as my parents are aware that I have two simple dreams: to ride a Vespa in Italy (soon to be checked off) and to watch the Patriots play. I bleed red, white, and blue - not because of America, but because of the Patriots. I'm pretty much insane when it comes to the Pats, so to finally catch a game...well, it's just amazing.

Even better is that I get to go with Erik (who is a big Seahawks fan) and I even get to go into the 12th Man (the nickname for the Seahawks fanbase) and represent the Pats in my Wes Welker jersey and Patriots sweatshirt. To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for logistical issues, I would probably paint my entire body to share my love. But that's neither here nor there.

There will be a delay on my weekend edition because of it, but it's worth it. I also have another big bit of news to share, but I'll wait until the finalization of that soon to be revealed deal to share.

If you get a chance, turn on the TV on Sunday and see if you can spot a number 83 Patriots jersey in the sea of white and blue. That'll be me, grinning ear to ear and savoring complete domination. Go Patriots!


Patty said...


Troy Olson said...

Enjoy destroying my helpless Seahawks.

Just be sure to watch out for drunk idiots who might look to punch you once the rout is on. I've seen some pretty appalling things done/said to people wearing the opposing team's jersey at Seahawk games I've been to.

David Harper said...

Yeah, I'm fairly adverse to the whole getting punched thing. It'll be what it'll be though, and I do kind of feel that there is a sense of helplessness with 'Hawks fans at this point which will be conducive to me not getting punched.

This is my theory at least. We'll find out tomorrow if it actually works that way.

Sam said...

Go Pats!!!

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