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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks for nothing guys

For my team, the New England Patriots, to make the playoffs they needed a couple things to happen. They needed to win their game (they did 13 to 0) and they needed either Baltimore to lose to the Jaguars (not going to happen) or the Dolphins to lose to the Jets. That was a possibility.

While watching the game, it seemed perfectly possible, as the defense of the Jets held the Dolphins to 24 points and overall they were moving the ball well enough. I was starting to actually think the Pats may make it.

Of course, I forgot that Brett Favre was the Jets QB, and it all went downhill from there. The Pats season went up in smoke as "Evil Brett" came out to play, throwing three interceptions (including two absolutely stupid ones - one for a backbreaking touchdown return by the Dolphins) and making all kinds of other stupid decisions (not to Brett: bounce passes are legal in basketball, not football).

In a season that was at best troubled for Brett, he ended the season with a one game representation of his entire season. Sure he occasionally made good plays, but he killed his team with the stupid ones that surrounded them. Just goes to show you that Brett really is the ultimate feast or famine player, as today he not only killed the Jets season but the Patriots one as well.

Let's hope he retires, as the path of destruction he left behind may be the legacy he deserves. Congrats to Chad Pennington on getting the ultimate revenge, and here's pulling for the Dolphins, Falcons, and Cardinals in the playoffs (although to be fair, none of them really have a chance).


Patty said...

Brett was a bozo; still trying to cowboy his way through football.

Anonymous said...

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Troy Olson said...

As much as I wanted the Patriots to get into the playoffs (they play the perfect "villain" role, which I always enjoy), not having to hear about Favre for the next week makes me happier than anything. Well, that or the Cowboys not making the playoffs.

Looks like I'll root for Indy and Philly like I always do when the Seahawks blow it (purely due to liking Manning and McNabb).

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