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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Dark Knight was awesome in theaters. I mean, the movie itself is full of so many "that was awesome!" moments and is put together so well by Christopher Nolan and his brilliant cast (especially Ledger as the Joker), it's impossible not to love.

However, after watching it through on Blu Ray at my place, sitting in the dark watching on my TV, I realize this plays even better in this situation. Blu Ray comes packed with incredibly high resolution imagery, the IMAX scenes in all of their glory, and audio that sounds exactly like Nolan imagined it would.

In short, it's the perfect way to watch this great movie, and if you have a chance to get it on Blu Ray, you pretty much have to. It's an eyegasm and a half.

Also, I'm clearly sold on Blu Ray technology. Anything that can somehow improve the movie watching experience of Wall-E and Knight is pretty amazing (even if it is psychological, which it likely is). While I'll still buy the average movie on DVD, tent pole releases like those two are assuredly coming my way Blu Ray style from now on.


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