A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, December 22, 2008

It seems that as we get closer to Christmas, the more and more busy it gets. December is flat out the most busy month of the year, with work taking up the week, Christmas shopping and parties taking up the weekends, and sheer ridiculousness filling up every spare second I have besides that. What happened this weekend?

  • Solstice Advertising's Christmas dinner party at Dish with Amy, Cate, Darren, Eric, and more
  • Sea Galley for Alaskan Iced Teas with the aforementioned crew, Sam, Nick, Sharpe, and more
  • Absurdity galore at Koots (you name it, I probably did it...)
  • Saturday morning...who am I kidding, I felt like death Saturday morning and slept until 1 am
  • Slumdog Millionaire dominating my face
  • Cowboys/Ravens with Jason and Amy (booo Cowboys!)
  • An attempt to see Portugal. the Man with Amy and Hannah
  • An outing to the Homie with the Crewnit ++
  • Peanut Farm for football with Colver (go Patriots!)
  • Finishing up Christmas shopping (thank the lord)
So yeah, it was pretty packed. The highlight was most definitely Friday night, which was an awesome night loaded with way too much good food (I can never say no to sushi), including the best unagi I've ever had, tons of drinks, and great friends. The food and drinks were even on the house as part of the party, so thanks to Solstice for sponsoring my disgusting overeating and the encouragement of my drunken habits. You're the best!

Getting to hang out with Sam again was also great, and meeting his girlfriend Lily was really a treat as well. It's always great to see one of my friends meet someone equally as cool, and I feel that Sam may have met his match for once. Of course, it was encouraging to have them both support me in the my quest to the most ridiculous person at the bars on any given night, and having me select random people to dance with just to see if I can (one of my strange bar habits, and always a hoot as a spectator sport) was definitely a boon for that quest.

There are just so many great things about the Christmas season. Making new friends. Seeing old friends again. Tons of great parties. Delicious food. Intoxicating drink (double meaning of course). Wall to wall activities. It's an absolute blast, and I'll miss it. Of course, I won't be missing the intense lack of sleep I have during the month (as I nearly fell asleep at work no less than 8 times today, not to mention in traffic), but that is a small price to pay for fast times on a Christmas high.


Cate said...

I think you forgot to mention a key event that happened on Friday night... you know what it is. You dirty drunken bitch haha.

David Harper said...

It was covered by the "ridiculousness" umbrella. That's where I stash all the good stuff, dont'chaknow?

Lily said...

Not only did I support you I was there snapping pictures of your quest. They are hilarious, if I knew how I would post them here! Awesome meeting you, hopefully I will see you in Vegas!

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