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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Writer Rory Stewart plus Harry and the Potters

One constant theme of my blog is a yearning to do more - to go to more events and get out and experience more...which is seemingly very difficult because of the inherent nature of Alaska. People don't come up here to speak, writers rarely come here to do book signings, bands hardly ever come up to play - we're in the middle of the nowhere, and they treat us as such.

However, this week there are a few very cool events coming up.

First up, tomorrow evening at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium, writer and diplomat Rory Stewart will be speaking. I've never read either of his books, nor had I heard about him before last week, but when I read the little snippet about him in the Anchorage Press I immediately knew I had to go. At 34, he's a twice published author and as well traveled as Indiana Jones. He's served as a deputy governor for Coalition Forces in the Maysan province of Iraq, and is the CEO of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation.

Essentially, he has accomplished about as much in thirty four years as 99% of the world does in a lifetime.

I'm really looking forward to getting some inspiration from him, as he seems like a tremendous man.

My other big day this week is going to be Friday. Kim and I are planning on attending a bit of First Friday, which is a monthly event in Anchorage that local artists are displayed in bars and restaurants around town, and then that evening we're going to go to the late performance by Wizard Rock pioneers Harry and the Potters at the Loussac Library. It's pretty much going to be amazing, and I can hardly wait. Thanks to Will from Bosco's for notifying me of this, as I would not have even heard of it without him.

On Wednesday, H and the P's are performing at a local house party, and I may attend that as well because that sounds awesome as well. The way I see it, my life can always use more wizardry, and I rarely pass up the opportunity to dress up as Harry Potter.

So its looking like a good week for events, and the week hasn't even started yet. Best of all? These events come at the low introductory rate of free. Fun is great, but its always better when its free.


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Hello from Coachella and the Salton Sea!! Warm and lovely.

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