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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Pictured: Myself (Left), My Place (Right)

As I mentioned in my last post, my internet and TV went out on Sunday. Monday all of my TV channels besides the HD ones came back (damn you cruel TV gods!), much to my glee. Apparently, this was all a tease. The eye of the storm if you will. They went back out Tuesday.

Currently not working in my apartment:
  • Internet
  • Cable (all channels - the box says 0 - that's it)
  • Washer (Supplies are running low)

On top of that, yesterday I came home with plans to get things accomplished. Clean my place, do the dishes, cook a nice dinner, maybe even go off and do some laundry so I can stop wearing clothes from years past (not a big deal for most, but when your old shirts are two full sizes bigger...well, you look funny).

First step for me was do the dishes and then make dinner. While waiting for dishes to finish so I could do another load, I decided to sit down and play some Smash Bros. (got it Monday, fairly entertaining, feels...same-y from the rest of the series), I started to smell smoke. Very odd, but considering I had nothing cooking I assumed my neighbors were having issues upstairs. A bit later, I saw smoke - far greater indicator.

I ran to the kitchen and quickly surveyed my surroundings. Nothing burning in sight, so I checked the dishwasher. I felt like I was William Baldwin and this was a scene from Backdraft - a huge plume of smoke smacked me in the face as I furiously waved my hands side to side and ran to every window in my house opening them. The culprit of the great dishwasher disaster of March 11th?

A Tupperware lid.

It had slipped to the bottom of the dishwasher, and the repeated wackings by the thingymabob at the bottom of the dishwasher (technical term, no big deal) had caused it to melt and emit the world's worst smoke/smell. Now besides the fact that I (and my apartment) now smelled like the world's worst burnt rubber, I was perfectly ok.

Well, fine besides the fact I am now convinced that my place is attempting to forcefully move me out. Internet and TV out (apparently the apartment's fault, according to Tech Support), washer constantly broken and making my carpet become wet, and a dishwasher that somehow starts fires. A month and a half until my year lease is up, and this bad boy is trying to make me move.

Either that or this is just a series of unfortunate events. Hmm...paranoid delusions or logic? Which one do I choose? All I know is, last night I made a choice. Option C: Drinking Margaritas. That's a far more fun and far less thought intensive choice.


Raechelle said...

I have also burned tupperware lids in my dishwasher. Agreed that the smell is probably the most horrid smell ever. At least you were home to catch it before your apartment literally kicked you out. Renter's Insurance?

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