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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I don't really look like anyone. At least I don't think so. I look like me, and even in my best instances I highly doubt I have what you'd call "celebrity good looks." Unless that celebrity is some sort of fusion between Steve Buscemi and Chris Farley, and in that case I'd agree with the "celebrity good looks" part, but I may say you're being rather insulting. No less, from time to time, other people who apparently are not getting clear looks at me claim that I look like someone. Today was one of those days.

With that, I decided I was going to write a blog about the three people others have claimed that I look like. I've also provided photographic comparisons between myself and said celebrity, as proof that I either do not look like them (my idea) or on the odd chance that you'll say "hey, I kinda see that..." These three are ranked in reverse order, in terms of how similar we are in appearance.

3. Josh Groban vs. Myself

This is the inspiration for the story. Today at work, I was the only person in the office and the somewhat goofy Corporate Express guy came in to deliver things like he always does, except normally to a coworker. She was not in yet, so he had to deliver them to me. As I signed his sweet Corporate Express electronic signature pad, he looked at me intently. I looked up for a second, and then went back to signing.

Corp. Express guy: Anybody ever tell you that you sort of look like Josh Groban?

Me: Umm.

I shake my head and start grinning.

Me: Not so much.

Corp. Express guy: Hmm. Well you do. Kind of.

Me: Ummm...sweet?

Now Josh Groban is a lothario of music, with good looks and long hair. Me? None of those things. I don't really see it at all, but hey, I guess that's all up to that guy. At least one person on the planet now thinks I look like Josh Groban. I just wish it was some really cute girl who was a big fan of guys that they thought looked like Josh Groban.

2. Eric Forman (Topher Grace) vs. Myself

Now this one I can see a little bit, especially when I had sideburns and even bushier hair. My old coworker (commonly called "she who shall not be named" in my office due to her history of leaving the office with things that were not exactly "her" belongings per se) once said to me that I "really remind (her) of Eric Forman." I definitely see it a little bit, but Eric Forman better start packing on some fat. Specifically in his cheeks. I'm him if he had developed an incredible craving for Pepsi and Reese's at a young age, and then lost a bunch of weight.

Also known as, we still don't look that much alike, but on occasion, certain features amongst the two of us could line up somewhat well. Now if that isn't a qualified statement, I don't know what is.

1. Launchpad McQuack vs. Myself

I know what you're saying, so you all can stop right now.

I agree.

I look exactly like Launchpad McQuack from Ducktales. I don't remember the exact origins of this one, but it was either high school or college, and I know it was a girl. The conversation went like this.

Unknown girl: You know, you really remind me of someone.

Me: Oh yeah?

Unknown girl: Yeah. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Me: Is it...

Unknown girl: I know! Remember Launchpad from Ducktales? That's it!

Me: Oh...

Needless to say, a guy hearing from a girl that he reminds them of an animated duck that was quite often borderline retarded, or at best a complete idiot, well...that isn't exactly flattering. In fact, if that was a girl I was interested in, you can bet I realized immediately that my opportunity with her was a long shot at best.

Ignore the fact that Launchpad is a duck though and watch Ducktales some time. It will blow your mind, and you will come out saying "oh my god! that is David!" Not just in looks, but in personality as well. It's uncanny really. We really are brothers from another mother.


Patty said...

Well Launchpad is NOT my son.

Erok said...

I always thought Paul Purdom came up with that.

David Harper said...

Damn. That sort of takes the fun out of it. Are you sure it wasn't Drea? I felt as if it may have been Drea. Paul kind of seems right though. I hate you.

Erok said...

I got a memory like an elephant. Scissors + Sobo forever!

atty said...

See Ya, Las Vegas.

Raechelle said...

I laughed harder than I should have at this. The Topher Grace resemblance is uncanny. Never saw it until today. Launchpad, though. That is a hum-dinger.

Anonymous said...

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